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HOME / TRAFFIC autosubmitters

GS Submission

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GSS is intended for automatic gallery and site submission to TGP and linklists. Program fill up HTML-forms (including complicated and multi-step ones) with user data and recognize most of submit codes (passphrases), acting as a real human! You can make your own submit base or edit existing one. Also you can create a base for the specific purpose - e.g. base for web boards posting.
Program includes gallery and site generator and learnable confirmer.

Dream Submitter

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HTML creation and text replacement. Site grouping for ease with limited submission sites and recip grouping.
Form filling automation with advanced error checking.
Simple navigation from site to site and optional proxy use. Multiple proxy database and proxy connection checking.
Submission que description character counters and description error checking. Large amount of custom submission que fields including 7x4 description fields. Submission que description character counters.
Site specific timer settings.
Automated email confirmation.
Scheduled auto submissions (schedule auto's for weeks in advance). Automatic email submission.
Fault finding and error site skipping module.

LinkUp Pro

Flexible Auto-Submission Solution for Webmasters. Submit your sites to Link Lists, TGP, TGP2, Pic Post, Movie Posts, Search Engines. Webmaster Ops Boards.

Russian TGP Submitter

1000 TGPs available. Auto recip inserts. Digital and text numbering for gallery file names. Auto email confirmer with proxy option. Daily database updates. Supports 20 main categories. 24x7 Online support.

Auto Gallery Submitter

Submits your galleries to the most relevant category within 130+ niches on 1,200+ TGPs. Supports partner submissions and Top 20 TGPs. And, it's 100% free.

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COOKIES MANAGER 1.0 - is a safe and easy tool for TGP, MGP, Top List, SE posters, which creates several Cookies folders on your hard drive and switches system parameters between the different Cookies folder. It is possible to set profile names for each Cookies folder and use separate proxy servers for each profile.
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